Sunday, August 10, 2008

I Like Asking Questions

I've been playing a lot of Elder Scrolls: Oblivion lately. It's basically Grand Theft Auto: Medieval London. But what's interesting about the game is that the developer also put out a modding kit for players to alter the game however they see fit. Of course, given this power, modders promptly created nude and topless mods. However, there are also a lot of useful mods ranging from those that produce faster frame rates to those that fix bugs and mistakes the original developers made. Obviously, these mods greatly improve gameplay and offer a high level of customization for every player. Maybe I'm just weird, but this seems like a good thing. So why doesn't every game developer do this?

In Olympic News: I was watching the women's 400m and men's 4 x 100 and both times the announcer was all "this person is gonna win. I've went through every possible situation in my head and there's no way they can lose." Both of his predictions were wrong. So what exactly is he getting paid for if he guarantees that two countries are going to win without a doubt and he is wrong both times?
Bonus Question: Why didn't people protest China's selection to host the Olympics when it happened instead of waiting until now?

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