Saturday, August 30, 2008

I Like Eating

Today is a good day I think, to review different foodstuffs that I have tried.

Barbecue Chicken Reuben: My review of this might be biased because the stupid diner chef burnt my chicken. How does that even happen? Isn't it basically his job to make sure my chicken doesn't get burnt? If he can't even do that, why hasn't he been fired? Anyaways, back to the review. The sandwich was too small. Fucking Earthworm Jim was bigger than that sandwich. And it tasted terrible too. The thousand island dressing and sauerkraut overpowered the barbecue flavor to the point where I could not taste it at all. Rating: 3.5/10


Triple Decker Roast Beef Sandwich: First of all, it wasn't a triple decker. There were four sections of meat. Get your facts straight, Menu-Maker Guy! Second, the bread was hard and this sandwich was very hard to eat as the meat would always slide out. Flavor-wise, it was lacking and untasteful. While I am a big fan of roast beef, I did not notice any type of sauce to accompany the mostly flavorless meat. Rating: 3/10


Patbingsu: Allow me to describe this ever popular Korean dessert item in one sentence. It's shaved ice with beans! Do I even need to review this? Chewing ice is bad for your teeth! You shouldn't even be eating this stuff. However, I do have to admire the entrepreneurship of the man who invented this horrible horrible snack. It takes a lot of guts to sell frozen water mixed with canned sugary beans for 8 dollars and still be successful. Krazy Korean Entrepreneur, I salute you. Rating: 1/10


photos: marshall astor, roboppy, pabo76

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