Tuesday, August 12, 2008

I Like Haircuts

In Olympic News: USA's Warren gets beat by Republic of Korea's Lee Ok-Sung and blames the crowd for it. Reminds ABDC viewers of FannyPak by telling the crowd to "cheer right".

Front Page Headlines in Yesterday's Korean Newspaper: "Korea Dominates Lesser Countries in the Olympics" and "Graduation Rates are Climbing".

Front Page Headlines in Yesterday's Wall Street Journal: "Georgia Routed as Peace Bid Fails" and "For Putin, a Line in the Sand"

What this Means: America needs to relax. It has its panties bunched so far up its anus that it looks like an invisible doctor is giving it a prostate exam. Take a hit from Korea and have a Ding Dong.

Personal News: I got a haircut?
It's... Magic!


  1. Are you going to get rid of that creeper moustache?

  2. noooo


    at least not until school starts.