Wednesday, August 27, 2008

I Like High School

I is teh tin man: About two months ago, when I realized that a lot of people I knew would be leaving for college soon, I predicted that I would be an emotional wreck by this point of the summer. Then something strange happened. I didn't care. It turns out I'm a pretty bad predictor of sadness. This condition has affected me for pretty much the latter half of my life and I am sure affects millions if not billions of people around the world.

As regular readers know, in my quest for a Nobel Prize, I do my best to solve these types of problems. Today's solution will shoot for the prize in 3 categories: economics, psychology, and medicine.

economics: If people can't predict how unhappy an event will make them, they will not be able to properly evaluate the costs of a trade-off. For example, if I predict that selling something I own will make me sadder than it actually will, then I will tend to price it above market value, which would leave both me and a potential buyer worse off than if I could properly predict how sad selling the item would make me. To counteract this, we can eliminate private property and thus, the need to trade goods and services.

psychology: Therapy can train people to accept various realities in their life and disinterest can surely be one of them. People who just don't care about anything should seek psychological help to come to grips with their condition.

medicine: Instead of anti-depressants, we could give uncaring people depressants to make them sad over the smallest things. Besides being marginally humorous, the drugs would allow people to live up to their standards of unhappiness.

So does my Prize come in the mail or what?


  1. dunno. though its true that your blog posts are open to everyone who has internet connection to see, it's pretty amazing how most bloggers don't get much readers. i don't know how the Nobel Prize nomination works, but maybe if someone affiliated with it sees your posts, they might nominate you.

  2. Or if someone wins a nobel prize for essentially the same thing I said on this blog, I can be all like, "YO! I said it first. It's mine."