Tuesday, August 26, 2008

I Like Korea

Korean Dramas: Everyone has cancer, no one waits in line, and there are no ugly people. What's the deal?

Krazy Korean Mothers: As a growing teen boy, I enjoy eating unhealthy foodstuffs at alarming rates. In fact, I often make a sport of it and see how much food I can shove down my throat before I have to lean back and breathe in short bursts of exhaustion. For some reason, my mom does not approve. The poor lady constantly reminds me that I may be healthy now, but eating bad food is going to affect me later on in life. Really? I have to wonder how plausible her theory is, considering she once told me I would grow a tail if I kept on eating food in my bed. Effects from foods tend to be fairly temporary from what I see. Maybe it's just me, but I can't recall a doctor ever saying, "I'm afraid to tell you this, but you have cervical cancer. While we're not quite sure what caused the disease, we think it may have had something to do with your amount of sugar consumption as a child."

Interesting Factoid: It turns out that Korean people are actually the same height as most westerners and that stereotypes can be wrong. Who knew? Not I.

More interesting: The Green Lantern cannot use his powers against things/people that are yellow. Asians 1-Green Lantern 0.

I need to buy one of these.

photo: enchanted learning

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