Sunday, August 31, 2008

I Like Republican Conspiracy Theories

Asian-Americans post stellar SAT scores: Racist populace responds with a collective, "DUH!"

Question of the day: Why do Korean music shows have subtitles?

Thoughts on Palin: So, she's the Republican Hillary Clinton? Personally, I think Romney would have been a better pick, as he has more experience, credentials, and ability in his special Mormon underwear than Palin will ever have in her life. So far, her main weakness seems to be her lack of experience, but I'm sure the liberal press can always dig up something far worse for a republican Vice Presidential nominee. Personally, I'm hoping she'll turn out to be a black albino.

Is the guy applauding Palin for hugging an Indian?

also: School is starting and I am accepting guest posts for the blog as I will be very busy. All you need to do is write a post about whatever you want, a short third-person biography about yourself, and e-mail me both.


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