Friday, August 8, 2008

I Like Sex. And the City.

I ordered a shirt from BustedTees two days ago and I got it yesterday with the 3-day shipping option. False advertising? I think yes.

In other news: I tried bottled frappuccino for the first time yesterday and remembered why I don't like it: I don't like coffee or milk. A frappuccino has too much of both. Maybe if they made frappuccino flavored sugar, I would eat that.

On a related note: Is it not alright to eat sugar in a formal setting? Sugar is food just like bread and pasta, methinks.

On an unrelated note: Today I had my second jaesa of the week. For the uninformed, that's when Korean people put out a lot of food so that our dead ancestors can feast. I'm not sure why they don't just join us for dinner every now and then instead of having to make it this whole ceremony, but I guess it's their choice. More importantly, this means I get to have bonchon chicken at midnight. Bonchon is basically greasy chicken pumped full of collagen with a double fried outer coating so spicy that it will burn a hole through your tongue. Eating it is the culinary equivalent of killing a unicorn. (Pineapple Express: go see it)



  1. Jeesoo, don't you know sugar is bad for you? And it depends on what you use your sugar for. Coffee and tea, yes. Your steak, no.

  2. I just eat the sugar by itself...

    not as a condiment.