Thursday, August 21, 2008

I Like to Live Dangerously

Korean Barbecue: Rivaling Bon Chon in the delicious Korean food category is Korean barbecue. And it makes sense, because the two have a lot of similarities. Both are ridiculously expensive, "make you cry like an incontinent little girl" hot, and are prepared using Ancient Korean Secret Recipes.

But there is a certain level of risk in eating Korean barbecue. For the uninformed, Korean restaurants often have charcoal grills built into the table, so you can cook the meat yourself. Why Korean people would pay extra money to cook their own food is beyond me. It's like if someone wanted to pick their own apples instead of just buying it at the supermarket or something. It don't make no sense. And the worst part about it is that the flaming charcoal is brought out by a guy who is carrying the box of burning coals with a pair of tongs. It's not even multiple tongs! Just a cocky one-tong grip. And I have to wonder how many times the figuratively literal ball (of flame) has been dropped and the griller became the grilled. It seems unlikely, but I would like to remind readers that it also seemed unlikely that every single one of my posts would be boring and pointless; and that happened.

In Rap Music: I've figured it out. Lil Wayne is just a higher pitched Lil Jon. They share the same first name, rap in a raspy voice, have dreadlocks, never make any sense at all, and repeat the same words over and over again. Has anyone else noticed that the two "rappers" are never in the same place at once?

Am I excited for the ABDC final tonight: yes. I AM SOREAL.

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