Sunday, August 24, 2008


Minutia of my life: University of Chicago sent me a post card and told me to color it in. What's that about?

Toothbrush update: Bigger head=less time brushing

Quote of the day: Democracy is two wolves and a lamb. Liberty is a well armed lamb.

Quest for the Nobel Prize: Recently, the Freakonomics blog held a quorum over how we could reduce gun deaths. My solution is simple. Allow everyone to carry concealed weapons. I'm not sure that my policy would have much of an effect on gang violence, as many gang members already carry guns, but my main reduction would come from gun related robberies, murders, and the like. If everyone and their grandmother was packing heat, criminals would think twice before pulling out a gun on them. Basic system of costs and benefits. In fact, I would go so far as to say that this legislation would not only lower gun deaths, but lower the overall crime rate as well because criminals won't know if the person they're planning to rob is carrying a gun or not. Everybody wins. Nobel Peace Prize, here I come!

More guns, less violence.

photo: barjack

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