Thursday, August 14, 2008

I'M LIKE, SOREAL. Like, Totally.

My thoughts on last night's ABDC: First of all, SoReal Cru dominated the entire show and the night obviously went to the crew with the perfect season.

Pat Lam's dance during Layla's backstage interview segment was priceless.

Way too much crying from Do Knock. This is America's Best Dance Crew, not America's Biggest Pussies.

Cliched sappy Do Knock quote of the day: "Everybody always told me I wasn't good enough. *sob* But now look at me! LOOOK AT MEEEE!"

Final performances were good on both sides although SoReal's was definitely stronger. Grillz? Hilarious, yet stunningly artistic.

I enjoyed how SuperCr3w used the lighting to make it look like a b-boy battle. Not exactly the most creative thing in the world, but I was surprised it hadn't been done before.

Aside: Has anyone else noticed that SoReal Cru extensively uses spirit fingers?

Thoughts on Women's Gymnastics Individual All-Around Commentator: The annoying commentator guy is always wrong. Every single time he is wrong. Any time that he makes a prediction, it doesn't happen. Just fire him already!

Thoughts on Nastia Liukin: The Ivan Drago of Gymnastics. I wish journalists would interview her whenever a gymnast gets injured, just so she can say, "If she dies, she dies."

Aside #2: With the right lighting and if you squint really hard, Shawn Johnson looks kind of like Mr. Potato Head.

Thoughts on Mr. Potato Head: What's the deal with that name? At first, I thought it was Mr. Potatohead, because I thought Potatohead was the man's (vegetable's?) last name. However, after careful research (read: 30 seconds on google), it was revealed that the correct spelling was Mr. Potato Head. No dash, no hyphen, no nothing. Does this mean that his actual surname is just Potato and that the product is his decapitated head? I think yes.

I must break you.

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