Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Hey, Wait! I LIKE Wikipedia!

Toothbrush Update: That bent toothbrush I was talking about earlier is actually called Reach, and online, it doesn't look all that different. Maybe it's because my tv's bigger than my pc?

Things I Really Like: I really enjoy when people say "My computer won't let me..." because what they really mean is, "I'm so incredibly incompetent that I cannot get my computer to perform the simplest of tasks." This phrase is doubly funny when the person saying it is using a Mac.

Blog: Over to the right, on the sidebar, there's a lot of cool stuff. All of them are pretty self-explanatory, but there's one gadget that says "Talk to me". It's basically a meebo me widget and whenever I'm online, it tells you and you can instant message me. Also, if you see a message in the box from bacon chedda, it's from me. Obviously.

Roflcopter of the day:

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