Tuesday, September 16, 2008

I Like Birds Flying High

Happy Days: When I was walking out to my car this morning, a flock of about 70 birds flew about 10 feet above my head and none of them crapped on my head! I'm not sure if expecting to get showered in bird droppings is pessimistic behavior or just realistic, but I am sure that today was a damn good day.

Birds: All they do is make your car dirty. I share in Adams' hope that one day global warming will become so intense that birds will spontaneously combust into balls of flame.

English: This is the only class where the teacher will give me homework assignments about something he hasn't taught yet. I ended up having to look through the internet tubes for all my answers! It was bonkers.

If anyone cares: I'm trying my best to keep updating this blog daily, but the chinese finger trap that is public education is crushing my will to live and devouring my free time, so I'm considering adding a second writer to this blog. You know. If you care.

picture: Fort Photo

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  1. I will volunteer myself to blog for this! As long as you give me a topic, I'll rant about it haha