Monday, September 29, 2008

I Like Buffets That Don't Suck

I went to Minado for my birthday. For the uninitiated, Minado is a "sushi buffet" where they serve strange tasting raw fish and various unhealthy fried goods. It's also really expensive. A lunch there costs twenty dollars! I mean, I always feel ripped off whenever I go to buffets because the fat guy sitting at the table next to me is consuming a small cow while I eat a couple of string beans and sip on some water, but at Minado it's 20 times worse because I'm being ripped off by japanese people.

Minado Food: Their sushi has too much rice. Obviously, this is a clever cost-cutting trick: to get people to fill up on the cheap stuff and not the fish. I get around this by eating only the sashimi and throwing away the rice. In your face, Minado! Also, their ice cream and desserts section are sub par at best. The ice cream tasted bland and their various cakes were cut too small to be enjoyable.

Minado Service: Unacceptable. The stupid waitress took 20 minutes to get us back our check (I timed her).

I will never go to Minado again. Epic Fail!

Why can't they just have bigger cake?

photo: roboppy

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