Thursday, September 11, 2008

I Like Expensive Time Management Classes

As a high school junior, I often lounge around the house doing nothing but playing video games and eating Korean food. However, once a blue moon, I have a week with 20 tests, 5 projects, and an SAT. In these cases, I like to get myself organized and take care of everything. Or cry myself to sleep. Both work pretty well.

Google Calendar-I've only been using it for a couple of days, but adding events is pretty easy and having all my tests, appointments, activities in one place is pretty convenient.

Small notepad-Ever since I started the blog, I've been carrying around a small notepad to jot down things in and it's pretty okay. I tend to have a lot of stuff I need to tell to a lot of people, so I usually write all of those things down in my notepad. If you're like me and you forget everything all the time, the notepad's a lifesaver.

Excessive Work-By assigning yourself more work than you can do, you automatically make prioritization not only a tool, but a necessity. I found this out sophomore year during wrestling season when I learned that not doing my homework didn't really matter. With excessive amounts of work, you'll see that you do a lot of stuff in your life that's mostly unnecessary.

Or you could always just cry yourself to sleep.

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