Monday, September 1, 2008

I Like a Good Breakfast

This morning, my parents thought it would be a good idea to have breakfast with some of our family friends. Why breakfast? I don't know. They're weird.

I put up a couple of suggestions including the Palmer's Crossing and the diner, but they were rejected in favor of a Korean restaurant called Ganmiyuk. It was a 24 hour restaurant, which was reminiscent of that one Spongebob episode where the miserly Mr. Krabs decides to keep the Krusty Krab open for 24 hours and the entire staff goes mentally insane. I mean, really. Why would they need to be open 24 hours (Ganmiyuk, not the Krusty Krab)? Who comes into a Korean restaurant at 3 in the morning demanding kimchee and rice? Nevertheless, this was the only Korean restaurant open at the time and we decided to eat there. The atmosphere was fine, but their wooden seats were terrible. Apparently, the seats were supposed to be replicas of old tree stumps with cracks and everything. But I have to ask, who has ever sat at a restaurant and said, "I wish this chair was shaped more like a tree stump. That way, there will be no support for my back, no cushions for my pooper, and it will be impossible to move the stumps into a comfortable position."

Long story short, I had a creeper ox bone rice and noodle soup in the creeper restaurant with the creeper stump seats and it sucked. According to Wikipedia, the soup, called Seolleongtang, was designed in Korea during rough times to feed as many people on as small a budget as possible during a time of famine. So why are we eating it now? My dad's a lawyer! WE'RE RICH PRICKS, NOT BEGGARS IN EIGHTH CENTURY KOREA. Those guys ate tree bark and pooped in holes, and I do not trust the culinary ability of a bark eating hole pooper. And another thing: my soup was nine dollars! Who charges nine dollars for rice and water? Nine dollars is a barbecue chicken panini with caesar salad at the diner. Ganmiyuk Rating: 2.16 thumbs down.

On a brighter note: I saw a chiropractor named Dr. Angrist. Most ridiculous doctor name since Dr. Acula? I think yes.

Nine dollars, my ass!

photo: smokehard

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