Monday, September 22, 2008

I Like Good Kickers

I've decided that every time I eat bonchon, I'm going to write about it on this blog. Yes. It's that damn good.

Adam Vinatieri: This guy sucks. He misses so many easy field goals that it's unbelievable.

4chan: Why so popular?

Clothes: So I've been using the random shirt selection method for a while now and I'm not sure whether it's all that preferable to just picking out a shirt from the top of the pile. On one hand, the random number generator is pretty sweet because I always feel like I'm playing the lotto, just hoping that I won't have to wear that old wrinkly shirt at the bottom of the pile. On the other hand, it gets kind of tedious on some days and the time it takes up really bites me in the ass when I'm late for school. Maybe I'll try alternating between the two methods?

photo: motivate yourself

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