Sunday, September 28, 2008

I Like Ignorance

Shoes: I don't buy new shoes because I don't have room on my shoe rack anymore. Maybe five is enough.

Muffins: Pina Colada muffins are the shit! I have no idea why they are not carried in every bakery across America. Next time you see a pina colada muffin, eat it. You can thank me later.

Note-Taking: The open-parenthesis looks too much like an uppercase C. Who's bright idea was this deal? Punctuation marks should never be made to look like letters! And forget about following the open parenthesis with an actual uppercase C. I say we should all switch to using brackets for everything.

Mist-You know when it's so cold outside that your breath turns into mist? As a child I always thought that happened because me and my friends were actually dragons. Later on, I learned that it was really just condensation. My point? Science ruined my childhood.

Speaking of Dragons: A dragonfly is like the suckiest form of dragon ever.

photo: casch52

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  1. Hello! Call me F1sh98! This is just to prove that people do visit your site! ta da! And ya, dragon flies do suck. They really do.

    Random Banana!

    Well, bye!

    My yahoo account is Yes, I am a real person visiting your blog!!! yay!