Tuesday, September 30, 2008

I Like Learning

School: Sometimes I worry about how I'm never stressed. It's kind of weird. Personally, I blame my unbridled optimism.

Food: What makes a certain food a breakfast item? Maybe I just don't understand because Korean people don't have breakfast foods. Personally, I'm a steak and eggs man myself.

Liquid Nitrogen: If you freeze a goldfish in liquid nitrogen (approx -195 degrees celsius), and unfreeze it, it might still be alive. That's pretty crazy.

Columbia Science Honors Program: Today, my Columbia Science Honors Program (Calculus in a Complex Plane) started and I'm incredibly worried that my class is going to be so confusing that I won't be able to understand any of it. Today was the first day, and I still had no idea what he was talking about. On the bright side, my class is taught by an actual professor (Allan Blaer) whereas most, if not all the other classes are taught by either TA's or grad students.

photo: buffalo

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