Sunday, September 14, 2008

I Like Lesser X-Men

Taste buds: Food tastes better when it's chewed from the left side of my mouth. What's up with that?

Mary Beth Norton: Her textbooks suck. Do not buy them.

VHS AP ECON: I like VHS because the homework's always due on Tuesday, so I always spend Tuesday night doing an entire week's reading and homework...

Cavity update: My filling fell out, you guys! I think I should sue for dental malpractice. I didn't even know it could fall out.

X-Men: We always hear about the really good x-men like cyclops and wolverine, but what about the mutants who have slightly lesser powers? What about the x-man who was born without an appendix? Sure, he doesn't sound important now, but when appendix infection man invades the academy and everyone's doubled over in pain because of their ruptured appendixes, the guy with no appendix is gonna save the day. Not all mutants can have crazy ice powers...

On an unrelated note: Colts have embarrassed me last week. They better do well today.

Their mutations? Claws for hands.

photo: Dunechaser


  1. That is why I do not follow sports. No disappointment there!
    I'm glad to say I've never had a cavity. It's because of all that sugar, Jeesoo. I hope you figured that out.

  2. Well now it's whatever I want blog. Deal with it. At least leave some constructive criticism! lolz