Friday, September 12, 2008

I Like Madangsui (Finally)

I knew I was gonna like the Korean grill Madangsui when I walked in and Bell Biv Devoe's Poison was pumping through the speakers. Not to mention that there were nuns sitting on the table across from us. This might have been the strangest Korean restaurant I've ever been to since that place that only sells tofu.

My group ordered the marinated beef over rice and some spicy grilled pork. It was the lunch menu so the two items cost 20 dollars together. They had the banchan regulars: fish cake, steamed eggs, spicy lettuce, muk, and of course, kimchi. The banchan was okay, nothing special.

Spicy grilled pork: It was pretty hot. The pork had a nice texture and was soft without being too fatty. I didn't like how they put so many random vegetables in the dish, as I expected to be eating animals, not plants. And a lot of oil collected at the bottom of the pan, which was largely unpleasant. But other than that, it was pretty okay. rating:7/10

Marinated beef over rice: The ingredients were mixed over a grill in front of us, which seems pretty standard for Korean grills. Once again, the dish had too many vegetables. I was especially hateful of the pumpkins in the rice. Seriously. What's the deal with Korean people and pumpkins? Pumpkins do not go into everything! The dish was also overly spicy and I often found myself reaching for my ice water. I was sweating like a Chinese miner by the time I finished the meal. Rating:6.5/10

Overall, this restaurant is pretty okay and I recommend it.

Korean people

picture: erriek

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