Wednesday, September 10, 2008

I Like Not Going to the Dentist

You guys! I just came back from the dentist and I had my cavity removed and the hole filled with amalgam (that silver stuff)!!! The worst part is, I did it without any anesthetic!

I was not a happy camper.

What is all that laughing gas stuff you see on tv and how come my dentist doesn't have that? All he has are anesthetics that come from big needles and have to injected into your gums. Maybe the laughing gas is a myth. Maybe it doesn't exist and popular media is just pulling one big prank. Either way, needles suck.

My favorite part about my trip to the dentist was how they had some silver decorations wrapped around the arm of the lamp they shine into your mouth. Maybe it's just me, but getting your teeth drilled by a guy with festive decorations on his lamp seems kind of like getting your plumbing done by a guy who has spongebob stickers on his plunger.

And what's the deal with those tiny packs of toothpaste they give you? Who actually uses that microscopic tube? It's too small for everyday use and too big to be considered travel size. Absolute bonkers if you ask me.

I would add more to this entry, but my teeth are slowly destroying my will to live.


  1. They'd give you some gas anesthetic, but they need to operate on your mouth... so having you wearing a mask and holding your mouth open is a conflict of interests.

    I can't believe I'm taking time from my busy schedule to read this garbage.

    Is a dirty needle some weird new korean sexual innuendo?

  2. I'm assuming the gas anesthetic would have a less ephemeral effect.