Thursday, September 4, 2008

I Like Short Round

Freakonomics says a child's name does not matter: Fatty Tubbs Jones proves otherwise.

ABC reports McCain was nicknamed "McNasty" for his bad temper: McLovin sues.

Short Round: Funny name. Funny guy.

Favorite Short Round quote: "Hey, Lady, you call him Dr. Jones!"

Speaking of Short Round: Top round steak. I'm not a fan. Eating it reminds me of Cow and Chicken (the show, not the animals).

Speaking of Cow and Chicken: That was a good show.

Barron's Update: I don't like the scale that the Barron's SAT book uses. It's by hundreds, so if I get two questions wrong on the reading section, the Barron's tells me that my score is somewhere from 700-800. Personally, I think it could be even more ambiguous. The book is not living up to its full ambiguity potential. It is an under-achiever in the ambiguous column. Why not just have the score range be from 200-800? Dumbasses.

Hermit Cookies: I do not have a frame of reference to which I can compare these cookies. However, if all hermit cookies taste like the ones I had from Whole Foods, I can tell you they all suck.

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