Monday, September 8, 2008

I Like Single Door Apartments

Toothbrush Update: I saw a commercial on tv for a toothbrush that was bent in such a way that the head and the shaft formed a 120 degree angle. The commercial showed a guy who was brushing his teeth and found it difficult to reach certain places, but I don't see how a bent head is going help him reach. Seriously. What the hell is that about?

Good way to pick out an outfit to wear: label all your clothes with a number and use a random number generator. I haven't tried this yet, but I will be starting this routine tomorrow, so I'll tell you guys how it works out.

Energy Independence: What's the big deal? I can't think of a single country in the galaxy that has accomplished complete energy independence. Getting our energy from foreign countries at a cheaper price puts more cash in the pockets of American people.

Doors: The entrance to my house has two doors. One is a regular door made of wood and the other is like a screen door except it's made of glass. This makes me wonder: why the hell is there a second door? Is it because it's too easy to get out of the house through one door? Did the architect want me to have trouble escaping his death trap of a house? It is the Pepperidge Farm of entranceways: there are two layers of wrapping to get to the fancy bread that is my house.

My door looks kind of like this, but less opaque and without people having sex right against it all the time.

photo: wajakemek

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