Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Jane Likes Hipsters Because She is One?

Jane loves to dance and listen to music and pretend to know everything. She is the author of the blog Shawty Talks and has filed her first guest post here.

Hello fellow TDNC readers. Bacon Chedda is busy with non work, even though I know that he is just playing video games and finishing his work in no time at all. He wants something funny, and what could be more humorous than HIPSTERS??


A hipster is commonly used as a derogatory word used towards the 18-30 year old crowd (some older ones, too. but they fail for trying too hard to be young and "hip") that dress in clothing from American Apparel (an overpriced store with plain hipster garb), Urban Outfitters ("trendy" hipster clothes place, also overpriced) , or thrift stores, and pretend to be artsy. Hipsters used to be few in number, but now hipsterism is considered trendy so there are hordes of hipsters populating cities, especially Brooklyn in New York City. They like to listen to pretentious indie rock bands you've never heard of. Most hipsters live off their parents' money and pursue their artistic talents, or lack there of. If you ask a hipster what they do for a living, they will most likely tell you he/she is in a band or is some sort of artist, and they will most likely suck at what they do. These are just the kind of people you just love to hate!

Basically, they are emaciated adults prancing around in ironic t-shirts and tight-ass jeans who listen to bands you have never heard of. And being nonchalant about it and denying it every step of the way.

Come to think about it.... doesn't this make ME a hipster? Of course, I don't deny the fact that I'm a hipster, so that means I'm not a hipster, by this definition. OOh, conundrum. People do call me a hipster sometimes. I don't mind too much.

A Vancouver hipster. Isn't he just adorable?

Me, trying to look emaciated.

"I listen to bands that don't even exist yet" (in my defense, a friend bought the shirt for me >.<)
Okay, now just camera-whoring.

Reading an intellectual book. Hipsters love doing that.

love, cakemaster

Jane breathes, eats, but doesn't sleep. You can see her usually plugged into her iPod or strumming her ukulele even though she isn't great at it (yet). In her free time she likes to read blogs and procrastinate on school work. AND that's a wrap. I love wraps.]

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