Saturday, November 1, 2008

I Like Bagels

Bagels: They're too hard to cut! Seriously, if a varsity wrestler can't cut a stupid cinnamon raisin bagel from stop and shop, who can? And forget about trying to cut your bagel right after you've woken up. I cannot tell you guys how many times I have cut myself for the deliciousness of bagels.

Side Note: Lox and cream cheese makes the best shmear. Scallion comes in at a close second.

Wanted: The most ridiculous movie ever. It's got fight scenes and plot twists coming out the wazoo. The assassins in the movie can block each other bullets by shooting another bullet at it! What?! Absolutely ridiculous.

You can put Nutella on a bagel?! My friend, you have just blown my mind.

photo: Incase Designs


  1. Bagels are easy to cut, you're just incompetent/get bad bagels.
    nutella is boss.

  2. maybe you should cut my bagels for me.

  3. nutella is great, but did that bagel have raisins? because i'm not sure about that combo

  4. raisin bagels are made of dried grapes and win.

  5. but also, maybe the bagel in the picture is a choco-chip bagel and that makes it double the win?

  6. I'd cut them for you but you're an asshole. hahaaa