Sunday, October 26, 2008

I Like Barbershops

Bugs: You guys, I was about to drink my water today and there was a dead bug in my cup. It was kind of freaky and now I'm scared to drink my water without looking in the cup first.

Haircuts: I get my hair cut at a barbershop because I'm not a girly-man and it's pretty much the bomb. I sometimes go to hair salons when I'm too busy, but barbershops always just blow them right out of the water. And always opt for the shave. You haven't lived until you let another man put a giant blade to your face.

You Chun Naengmyeon: They suck! I ordered fried dumplings, they burnt it to the point where it was no longer edible, and they still charged me. Worst of all, no one acted like anything was wrong! Also, their mul naengmyeon was too salty and spicy and did not deliver the strong beef brothy flavor that Korean flavor is known for. I am never going back there again. Terrible service and terrible food.

Even this homemade naengmyeon beats You Chun

photo: churl


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  2. ukno, this is lik the 20th time hair/hair salons hav appeared in our conversation. maybe this is a cut it all off?? :) just maybe...

  3. LOL. yeah. well, i accidentally posted 2 of the same thing...xD