Friday, October 17, 2008

I Like Cold Stones

Ice Cream: The best place to get ice cream is most definitely Coldstone Creamery. Hands down. For the people who have never been to this Magic Ice Cream Wonderland, Coldstone is an ice cream shoppe where the server will actually crush a "mix-in" into your ice cream. That way, when you eat your ice cream, your jimmies will be spread evenly throughout your ice cream instead of being all concentrated at the top. It's pretty awesome. And as an added bonus, they have to sing if you tip them!

Best Ice Cream: Sweet cream and Butterfinger mix-in! Coconut is a close runner up though.

photo: jidnet


  1. are you crazy? coldstone? the ice cream is unnatural in texture and appearance, and doesn't taste like much of anything. Because you're a junior, you should start visiting colleges this spring. Because you've got a decent chunk of ambition, you should visit harvard. Because I go here, you should let me take you out for ice cream when you stay. Your opinion of Coldstone will immediately plummet.

    I'd offer to let you stay in my dorm, but you're probably too cool for me. If I'm wrong, just let me know.

  2. Coldstone is definitely not the best ice cream, even though they do have some pretty sweet mixins. Personally, I like brownie and the cake flavored ice cream.

    If you ever get the chance, try frozen custard. It's like ice cream but creamier and better, hands down. I went to Dickinson college for CTY in Carlisle, Pennsylvania and the only good thing about Carlisle is Masy's Frozen Custard. I think I would go back just for that. yummm.

  3. If I end up visiting MIT, I'll be sure to stop by Harvard and check up on an old friend.

  4. are you saying you'd visit MIT and not Harvard? because that is a mistake. trust me

  5. Harvard has yet to make my shortlist of colleges, but I'm sure it will get on there eventually.

    Strangely, it's the only HYPSM school I have yet to seriously consider.