Saturday, October 18, 2008

I Like Comedians That Aren't Boring

PSAT's: I have it today!

College: For the statistics, I think colleges should list the percentage of self-reported gay men and women. This seems like it would be important information for anyone who is gay, looking for diversity in a college campus, or is homophobic. Everyone wins.

Sandwiches: Ham is a pretty sucky cold cut.

Stand-up: George Lopez is the most arrogant comic I have ever seen. To close his HBO special he talks to his audience about how he is the "American Dream" and that he's now on the Hollywood walk of fame. What an embarrassment to the Latino American community.

Two please.
photo: James Wells

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  1. I think comedians need to have some sort of arrogant flair to them, because they have to believe that they're funny. Personally, I don't like George Lopez. But usually comedians deliver with confidence, and I guess in some cases can be arrogance.