Thursday, October 9, 2008

I Like Jews

Happy Yom Kippur, you guys! And by you guys, I mean Jews.

I just got back from the Korean buffet Dae Ga and I'm feeling a little fubsy. For fifteen dollars, the food isn't terrible, but the service is. At any one point during my meal, there would always be at least three dishes that didn't have any food left because the waiters were too slow. If you're Korean, there's really only about five foods that would interest you and they're also the ones that constantly run out. I felt like I had to "stock up" on certain foods like sushi so that I wouldn't have to wait two hours for them to replace the empty trays. Overall, their food was standard tradition fare: some nice tteokbokki, okay chicken and dumpling. Their ice cream was pretty bad though; it lacked flavor and was very hard to scoop out and considering that ice cream is usually my favorite part of a buffet, that is completely unacceptable.

If you're white and have never eaten Korean food before, this is a nice casual place to start.

(Only after writing this post did I realize that some of you guys are fasting today. So ummm.... sorry?)

It's a nice place when they actually have food available.

photo: off the broiler

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