Wednesday, October 1, 2008

I Like Korean Snacks Part I

parenthesis update: If you have the open parenthesis on a different line than the close parenthesis, it's really confusing. So, to solve the problem, I'll sometimes enclose all the lines in a pair of giant parenthesis. It works.

SAT's: They're this weekend and instead of studying for them, I'm trying to update this blog on the daily. Whoopee.

Korean snacks: You guys, my dad brought a lot of old fashioned Korean snacks from his business trip and I'm having them all the time now! They're pretty awesome, not like that stupid Japanese crap. My favorite is the green one in spirals and covered with some sticky sugary material. It's basically the perfect hard/soft balance of texture and bite. What I really want, though, is some Korean ice cream...

I'll put up some pictures of Korean snacks tomorrow.

edit: while I was reading over this post, I mistook giant parenthesis for giant penis and I was shocked.