Friday, October 3, 2008

I Like Unbiased Debate Moderators

Hip to the Hop: So I was watching VH1 today and they had a show about the 100 greatest hip hop songs of all time. About 5 minutes after I started watching, they got up to number 90 and I was shocked that it was Pete Rock and CL Smooth's They Reminisce Over You! Are they crazy? T.R.O.Y. is arguably one of the greatest songs in hip hop history. Shame on you, VH1, shame on you.

Media Hound: The moderator of the Vice Presidential debate, Gwen Ifill, has written a book about Barack Obama that is to come out around election day. So exactly how objective can she be? If Obama loses the race, her books going to be worth far less than if he wins, so is it not in her best interest to help out Senator Joe Biden during the debate?

Roflcopter of the Day (I went to prom too!):


  1. :D I want to go swimming on formaldehyde!

    Now that I think about it.. why were you at prom??? It is like an unwritten rule that freshmen and sophmors can't go.