Sunday, November 2, 2008

I Like Sugar

Sweet Tooth: You guys, I had a sandwich today! Except instead of bread, there was rice krispies squares and instead of meat, there was marshmallow and oreo cookies. So basically, it was rice kripies square, marshmallow, oreo crumbs, and rice krispies square. It was absolute ridiculousness. Of course, ten minutes after I ate it, all my teeth fell out and immediately began rotting at my feet. Chewing a flaming sheet of aluminum foil would have been better for my teeth than eating this monstrosity.

Dumb Numbers: I was listening to the radio and there was a call taxi ad that said "our number is easy to remember because it's 666-6666." Why are they bringing attention to the fact that their phone number is also the number of the beast? That's kind of scary. I would not want to be driven around by a company with that phone number.

Nom Nom Nom

photo: stickyii

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