Friday, November 21, 2008

I Like Fox News

News: DL Hughley has a show on CNN. First of all, you know that title "Most respected cable news station" you have? YOINK! Now, I'm sure the man is more than competent as a political analyst, but I have to ask: SERIOUSLY?! Let's forget for a moment that this show is a bastard replica of the Daily Show, let's forget for a moment that the NN in CNN stands for News Network, not Comedy Central, let's forget for a moment that Breaking the News with DL Hughley is possibly one of the worst shows I have ever watched, DL Hughley is a terrible comedian who's completely unoriginal and can't tell late-night style jokes. Shame on you, CNN, shame on you!

This is what you get for hiring DL Hughley!

photo: Esteban Trigos

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