Saturday, November 29, 2008

I Like Giving

I Just Don't Understand: Why do people leave video messages on Facebook where it's just them lip syncing to a song they're playing on their computer? Do they think they are being comical and/or original?

Charities: I don't understand why charities don't just give money to people instead of objects. How can we possibly know what their priorities are or how that money could best be used? For example, what if Cambodian children need food, but instead of sending them food, we just send them laptops? The best we can do is give poor people money so that they can spend it on what they think is best for themselves. If they think education is more important than having lunch, then that's fine. Let them have an education. The primary concern seems to be that they would just waste the money, but really, who are you to judge what others think is important to them?

photo: danzden

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