Monday, November 17, 2008

I Like Juniors in Mint!

Question of the Day: Why do some people think that it's natural to be gay, but unnatural to be scared of them or to hate them? If it's impossible to control who you love, then how is it possible to control who you fear or hate?

Junior Mints: I would like them more if they didn't make everything else taste worse.

DMV: People are herded around like sheep at the DMV and it's ridiculous. People just mindlessly follow the person in front of them and they have policemen to keep them in line. And forget about trying to talk to the people who work there. I needed something renewed and no one understood that it was because my visa had expired and not my license even though the first thing I said when I walked up to anyone was, "I need my license renewed because my old visa expired." By the end of the of the ordeal, I was begging for the sweet release of death.

These people at the DMV look rather rowdy today.

photo: James @ NZ


  1. i agree with your opinion on the first bit; it's like hating Jews or hating apples. People think it's unnatural to hate gays because they are only human after all [DAFT PUNK BITCHES]

  2. I don't understand your point at all, good woman.