Monday, November 3, 2008

I Like Living

Fat Food: So apparently, there is this gigantic monstrosity called the KFC Famous Bowl. Apparently, one mashed potato famous bowl contains mashed potatoes (duh!), sweet corn, chicken, gravy, cheese, 740 calories, and 2350 mg's of sodium. Ignoring the fact that eating this stuff is only slightly better than chugging arsenic, how lazy do you have to be to want all your food in one bowl? Seriously, the only way you could get any lazier was if the bowl came with a man to spoon feed you.

Christmas: You guys, I went shopping today and all the stores already had their Christmas lights up! I can tell you one thing: these stores aren't going to win the international procrastination award anytime soon.

Bonchon: 1 - Colonel Sanders: 0

photo: morton fox


  1. 740 calories? In the scheme of fast food, it could be far worse. There's a Qdoba in Harvard Square which was offering a Buy 1, Get 1 deal a while back. So I bought one, and got 1 extra as well. Little did I know that they were both about 850 calories. And I didn't even get all the extra sauces and such. Fortunately, I did not consume them both on the same day (all hail the mini-fridge!)

  2. That's almost as bad as a blooming onion (2210 cals)

    and that's just the appetizer...

  3. Gah, that sounds real nasty. But unfortunately it also sounds delicious.
    You know the worse the economy is doing, the earlier Christmas frenzy comes around. Don't ask me why.

  4. ha ha

    I'm not even sure what that green stuff is.

    is that supposed to be corn?