Saturday, November 22, 2008

I Like Picking on People

For the Bookface Addicts: You guys, I clicked a link on Bumper Stickers that was like, "Can't see your stickers? Click here." Now all my stickers are gone and I'm very angry. Today was not a good day.

Awards: So the National Science Teacher's Association gave me an award a while ago. And along with the award came a gimmicky pencil-holder/clock/flashing light deal. I hope I don't get a seizure while reaching for a pencil and checking the time.

Question of the day: This question is for the gay rights activists. If it's okay to be gay, what's wrong with being a pedophile? Or a necrophile for that matter.


  1. If you're the kind of pedophile who hits on innocent kids, then that's a crime because you're infringing on the rights of others and potentially scarring them for life, like rape. And necrophilia is just really gross, but if you wanna be objective then technically there is nothing wrong with it. Actually, the necrophilia topic is just kind of touchy because the dead's relatives might not want someone fucking the corpse of their loved one.

  2. so you're fine with pedophiles that work as pediatricians, daycare center workers, and children's therapists?

    or how about necrophiliacs that get jobs at morgues?