Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I Like Technology

Star Wars: So apparently, CNN has hologram technology at hand. This is absolutely ridiculous. There is no reason for such a respected news network to resort to such technical chicanery, or Lou Dobbs for that matter. Kidding, Dobbs. Don't deport me!

Men in Black: Scientists have figured out how to selectively erase memory from mice. So in about twenty years, kids are gonna be watching Men in Black thinking, "Oh. I have one of those flashy memory eraser sticks in my dresser." Obviously, this isn't nearly as bad as cloning soulless babies, but I have to believe that once this technology becomes commercially available, a lot of girls are going to be waking up after a long night of drinking, asking the stranger next to them, "Oh my god, did you flashy-thing me?" only to be flashy-thinged back to sleep.

Before America's first black president was elected, the world's first black hologram was created. It was a groundbreaking moment for 2 dimensional African Americans everywhere.
photo: hfabulous

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