Tuesday, December 2, 2008

I Like British People

Charity: The Salvation Army people that ring bells at the collection plates really annoy me. And the one I saw wasn't even dressed like Santa! What's the point of those bells? Does anyone actually go, "OOOOHHH Bells! I think I'm going to empty my wallet into this red bucket you have right here." Those stupid ringers are only slightly less aggravating than talking to a staff member at the DMV.

Chinese: Without a doubt, Korean people make the best Chinese food. I made the grave mistake of eating Chinese-made Chinese food and it was terrible! The chicken was salty and soggy, the rice was strange, and the broccoli was like liquid magma in my mouth. I should've left as soon as I hear those guys speaking Cantonese to one another.

When did Daft Punk join the Salvation Army?

photo: trevino

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