Monday, December 1, 2008

I Like Flaggelating Myself

Government: Dictators always get a bad rap, but authoritarianism isn't so bad. But look at Korea. Park Chung-hee increased GDP a million-fold! American public, please repeal your bias of authoritarian rule.

Strange Bedfellows: You guys, I had lunch with British people! And I can tell you this- they do all talk like mac manc mcmanx. Hooray for stereotypes!

Self-Flaggelating: It's not a dirty word?

Roflcopout of the Day:


  1. haha i should send you my paper on dictatorship and development. authoritarian rule is hardly the answer. I suggest Chalmers Johnson, Robert Wade and Samuel Huntington for a more nuanced view.

  2. you should send me your paper on dictatorship and development.