Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I Like Zach Braff

I hate Barack Obama. During his inauguration, they canceled Scrubs so that they could show his stupid parade. This week, they're showing his "state of the union" nonsense instead of a new episode. There's only one explanation for it: Obama hates Zach Braff. So, in my furious anger, I have decided to start a Reasons to Hate Obama List.

Reasons to Hate Obama
  1. He hates Zach Braff.


  1. Sick dude...that makes complete sense. The all important state of the union address replaced a FUCKING TV SHOW all because obama hates zach braff. It's one thing to make jokes...but it's another thing to write shit like this.

  2. ha ha ha ha

    this idiot still thinks state of the union address is important.

    Let me ask you, Sam. Why do you consider the state of the union address to be important?