Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I Love /b/

Warning: This post is for newfags.

Alright, so the Time's most influential people online poll results came out yesterday. If you look carefully, you'll spot a clever prank. But pretty much everyone I showed it to did not get the joke, so I'll explain it for you guys. Don't read ahead if you want to figure it out yourself.


Read the description for the first man: moot. Now, read the first letter of each name until you get to the 21st name. It should spell out something. So why did this occur? Is it just a remarkable coincidence? Actually, basement dwellers all over the world the people who regularly visit 4chan (i.e. me), collectively ejaculated after finding out that our beloved moot (the creator of 4chan) was finally nominated for the poll. As such, we worked together to pick the top 21 most influential people and the order that they would be in.

Internet heroes, I salute you.

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