Thursday, September 17, 2009

I Like Tap Water

Does anybody else think that it's crazy that Arizona Iced Tea is cheaper than bottled water? It's almost as crazy as how when George Bush said Hezbollah to "stop doing this shit," everyone started freaking out because he talks just like everyone else, but when Obama called Kanye a "jackass," everyone just thought Obama was a cool guy or that it was no big deal. Why? Is it because this is an affirmative action presidency? Is it because the media has a liberal bias? I know! I bet it's because Kanye is such a greater evil than Hezbollah ever was or will be that the use of profanity is more than justified.

Reasons to Hate Obama
  1. He hates Zach Braff.
  2. He hates disabled people.
  3. He hates people who have jobs and ignores people who offer sound economic advice.
  4. He can't be trusted with big government projects.
  5. He uses profanity to insult other prominent people.


  1. lol, "affirmative action presidency"? stfu, you couldn't be more ignorant. How can you even begin to compare Hezbollah to Kanye West...a friggin music artist? Its so effin annoying when people take small stuff that obama does an over exaggerate, do you not think Kanye interrupting Taylor Swift''s song was rude...cmon man....and we can both think of worse words than "jackass"...o wait, bush even said "shit'

  2. >mfw Sam fails at trolling

    you attack me ad hominem and call me ignorant, yet you make no case as to

    1. why Obama's presidency cannot be considered affirmative action
    2. how Bush's use of profanity differs from Obama's

    It's not a matter of whether or not what Kanye did was rude, it's a matter of how differently these two men are treated.

    Your comments are composed entirely of dumb rhetorical questions and assumptions.